IRN-BRU Social
A selection of some of our favourite bits and pieces that we’ve done for IRN-BRU.
IRN-BRU Social
If you ask someone what their favourite orange, Scottish soft drink made from a secret recipe is they’re fairly likely to answer ‘IRN-BRU, ya rocket.’
Yep, the ginger nectar’s pretty unique all right – maybe that’s what makes handling their social media presence such a fun and rewarding job. Tongue often firmly in cheek, we set out week after week to deliver content that entertains over 250,000 BRU fans across t’internet.
Often in reaction to a trending topic, our team have to work quickly to ‘drop it while it’s hot’, so to speak. Here are a few of our proudest moments (some of which have gained over 10,000 shares – ‘yaldi!’ indeed).
Been seeing some people with names on their drinks recently – so, thought we'd do this one for our favourite first name. Whatcha think? 
We don't make phones. But if we did... 
Looking for a new fella? Call off the search!
From one ginger to another... mind and slap some of this on if you're out and about in the next few days. 
Don't miss a drop with the latest in official straw enforcement technology. #PureGenius.
Cannae be crushed, just in case you'd forgotten.
Quick. What's panda for 'We cannae call her Fanny'?
IRN-BRU hands free kit. Gets you through festival thirst.
You won't find it on a map, but we've all been there eh? At least the weather's nae bad...
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