Nando's iPhone app
We created an app for Nando’s with a whole platter of new features for PERi-PERi fans to enjoy.
Nando’s mobile app
Which came first, the chicken or the app? In this case, it was most definitely Nando’s signature PERi-PERi based recipes. But in today’s world people on the go need chicken, and they need it yesterday. That’s why we were tasked with reinventing Nando’s already existing (but somewhat basic) mobile app.
So, we designed new functions that would allow users to find restaurants and browse the menu. On top of that, we also incorporated E-loyalty and even included a new app only function which allows users to jot down and remember their choices, spice levels and table number before going to the till to order… all accessible through a pretty nifty and totally unique navigation wheel. Hey, it didn’t rank number one in the food and drink chart in the app store for nothing y’know.
As if that wasn’t enough, the app allows for any number of tasty new functions to be added – watch this space!
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